Chloe Goes to Play Golf??

When I tell people I am part of my college’s golf team or they see a picture I posted on Facebook of my golf uniform they’re usually pretty confused, and rightly so lol! Growing up I wasn’t too interested in golf till around 7th grade where I played a few courses and driving ranges till […]

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*MAJOR* Major Decisions

When meeting people at college, usually one of the first questions asked is… “So what’s your MAJOR???” And I would sheepishly respond Undeclared like it was something to be embarrassed about.  I just declared my major as (technically) a first semester sophomore in college. To say I’m indecisive in an understatement. And that’s OK! Many, many people change […]

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The start of Chloe Goes to College

Hey all! As the title of my blog suggests, my name is Chloe and I am in college haha! I’m a freshman (technically a sophomore because I took dual enrollment classes in high school, even though I definitely consider myself a freshman because I am the embodiment of a freshman lol) at a Christian university and […]

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